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Zora's Rainbow
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Tactile, engaging, educational and beautiful, these wooden stacking rainbows are a great gift for a 1-3 year old. They will last a long time and have a natural beauty not found in many mass produced baby toys.

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Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. We have a beautiful wooden stacking rainbow. My younger sister bought it as a first Christmas gift for the Young Engineer, when he was nearly one.

When the Young Engineer was smaller, I would set up a Montessori-like play invitation for him. With about 4-6 different baskets or items displayed nicely on a shelf for him to choose from.  I would rotate these toys weekly, being the loving, diligent Mum of one that I was. Zora’s Rainbow was always a favourite of mine to have on display. It barely has made it into the toy rotation system as it is rarely put away, we all like it so much.

Unlike many of his other toddler toys the rainbow doesn’t make any annoying noises. It can be used at whichever level a child is at; from sucking on the colour safe, non-toxic, dyed arcs, to stacking, to intricate geometric patterns, and for learning colours. (Action Man is not so confident with his colour names, but hopefully my labeling of colour names as he plays with the rainbow helps.) The arcs get used in conjunction with our other basic wooden block set to make all sorts of towers and buildings. They often become matchbox car tunnels and bridges. 

Rainbow play ideas

Unfortunately the particular stacking rainbow we own is currently out of production. Zora started making these rainbows in the 1970’s, while struggling to find quality wooden toys for her son. (NZ MasterChef’s Aaron Brunet). They can be found in some toy shops and secondhand, as she was still making them until fairly recently.

We specifically like these ones as they are both NZ made and also include all 7 colours of the rainbow. There’s something a little fun about teaching children the words indigo and violet. However if you are happy with the also perfectly good word, purple, there are some other beautiful examples of stacking rainbows around. Some are more rustic in style, some NZ made. The version linked below is a from a lovely Waldorf company  called Grimms, who make attractive natural children’s toys. Their toys are high quality, but rather more expensive than our version.

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