Yaro Repreve Ring Sling

Yaro Repreve Ring Sling
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This ring sling is a great option for quick errands and settling grumpy babies for short stints. The fabric is snuggly, soft and strong and the sling is well priced.

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We were very lucky with our Little Monkey; when he was tiny he was a beacon of health (he’s a snotty toddler now, so while still pretty healthy I feel that the ‘beacon’ title must be removed).

In order to differentiate herself from her brother (or —  more likely — as a direct result of his runny noses) our Night Owl has a different pattern. She’s onto her third cold, and this one has morphed into bronchiolitis and landed her in hospital. She’s being well cared for and is on the mend, but has been extra fussy, and Pamol doses are limited to four per day.

Enter babywearing. Babywearing is useful for all kinds of things; for walks, playgroups, any kind of outing really — it’s a definite win. And for sick babies who won’t settle in their bed… Well, I think you can see where this is going.

We have an Ergobaby carrier which we use incessantly, and which was to be the subject of today’s review until I lost my weekend to the hospital. However, I worked out pretty soon after the Night Owl was born that it was too cumbersome for quick errands — the main one for us being daycare drop offs and pickups.

I did a bit of research online, and talked to a few friends, and ended up buying this ring sling.

Ring slings are basically a long strip of fabric with two rings sewn into one end. To use it you thread the tail end of the fabric through the rings and adjust to fit your child. It becomes a pouch that your child can snuggle into, and (depending on the limits of the brand) can be used for newborns all the way up to toddlers. The biggest downside of them is that because they go across one shoulder weight isn’t distributed evenly, so they’re not great for long stints of babywearing, but they work well for short trips.

There are heaps of brands and options out there, and if you’re completely new to babywearing I’d encourage you to
join a discussion group and/or go to a sling meet to figure out what you like. If you know you want a ring sling, as a complete newbie to the world of wraps and slings myself, I think this Yaro one is a great option.

First appealing thing; there’s no prep. It might not sound like a big deal but some of the linen wraps you can buy need breaking in before use and I’m lazy so that sounded terrible to me.  This one is good to go when you get it.

There’s a wee bit of a learning curve to ring slings, but so long as you give yourself a couple of practice runs with the help of some YouTube tutorials you should be grand. Like anything you’ll get better at it with practice, but it’s pretty intuitive.

The Repreve fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, which is pretty cool. The fabric feels strong but soft and snuggly, which seems like the perfect combo for this purpose. It is pilling slightly in places after a few months of use but I’d expect that of a soft fabric that sees a lot of friction. It is quite a thick fabric, which can make threading the rings a wee bit bunchy.


Tired mum, sick baby, and a messily threaded but lifesaving ring sling

I’ve found it really comfortable, and the Night Owl seems to like it too. We got it when she was about six weeks old and started using it immediately. We haven’t used it out and about for the toddler (yet), but we’ve experimented a bit at home and that seems to work too.

At $119 it’s a pretty good price for a ring sling, and The Sleep Store frequently have sales so if you can wait you can probably nab it for less.

I like this particular print but there are lots of different colours and designs available, so there are plenty of options for different style preferences.

Our ring sling has made life a lot easier, and it’s definitely helped us this weekend. We went from grizzly, struggling, grumpy baby to deep slumber in about 90 seconds once I popped her in the sling today. I was also hoping to sneak in a nap myself but you can’t have it all!

Awesome or Average: Awesome

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