Sleepy Kiwi Board Book

Sleepy Kiwi is a lovely board book with beautiful contrasting black and white images to appeal to young babies.

Our Night Owl, now four months old, hasn’t been read to quite as much as her big brother was as a baby. Reading to little babies, though a good habit, is a tricky balance since they don’t have long attention spans and can go from nicely-wound-down-ready-to-sleep to crazy-overtired-will-never-sleep-again in a matter of minutes. I guess first time around we had plenty of time and flexibility. Now we have a toddler to factor in, so if the baby is awake and happy she piggybacks on his storytime and otherwise… Well, we’ll do more when she’s a bit bigger.

She has already been given several books, though, and Sleepy Kiwi is her favourite so far. I know because she told me, you know, because she’s so great at talking. But she does seem pretty into it.

Sleepy Kiwi
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Sleepy Kiwi is a lovely board book aimed at newborns. Its bold graphical illustrations hold the attention of little babies well, and the gentle story optimistically promotes sleep. A perfect newborn gift.

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It’s a spin-off from Kuwi’s First Egg, and is a board book with striking black and white graphics and a very short, simple storyline.

The pictures are fascinating to little eyes – the high contrast seems to entrance our Night Owl for ages. Because it’s a board book (and a nice large one, too) it’s great to prop up by the playmat for her to “read” herself. And I reckon some of the graphics are cool enough that they could just about be framed prints to hang on the bedroom wall.

The story is a reassuring tale about how Sleepy Kiwi sleeps while we are awake but will look after us while we are sleeping. I’m not sure how many words babies take in, but I will happily read a book on happy sleeping over and over if it has any chance of making a difference (spoiler: it doesn’t seem to improve infant sleep).

If you read it too many times the story can get a bit trippy, especially if your toddler elbows in on his sister’s storytime and demands you read it backwards. “Sleeps Kiwi Sleepy, shining is sun the when” sounds a bit weird… But that’s clearly on the toddler, not the author.

This book would make a particularly great baby gift. It’s a sweet story, a beautiful book, and is likely to be riveting from as early as a few weeks old, even if the baby doesn’t have the attention span for the whole story yet.

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