Phil & Ted’s Poppy Highchair

Phil & Ted's Poppy Highchair is a lightweight, easy to clean and attractive highchair. It even converts into a toddler chair when you're done with it at the dinner table - a great option. Buy from Amazon: (affiliate link)

Highchairs aren’t a compulsory piece of furniture, but there wouldn’t be too many families who skip them altogether. In theory I like the concept of not putting children into “containers” — but in practice I really don’t want a baby on my lap that much of the time — which is, I guess, why they exist. Along with the carseat (not really optional) and the cot, we consider it an essential.

We started out with a Phil & Ted’s Highpod, which was okay but had a few flaws so we’ve since parted ways with it. I’ll review that eventually (spoiler: it won’t be “Awesome”), but today’s spotlight is on the replacement model; also a Phil & Ted’s chair, the Poppy.

Phill & Ted's Poppy Highchair
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This is a functional and attractive highchair at a very reasonable price. It's very easy to clean, and lightweight, but the tray and straps can both be a bit awkward. Highly recommended.


First of all, the price tag is great. At full price this chair is $150; less if you wait for a sale or find a secondhand one. You can get highchairs for less, but the really cheap ones usually have major drawbacks (we’ve tested quite a few out). For something that will get used multiple times a day for a couple of years (or longer if used by another child) I think $150 is a pretty sweet deal.

The chair looks pretty good. It comes in bright colours and has a fairly streamlined aesthetic, with a large moon-shaped tray and a seat shaped like an open egg. Simple is definitely good when babies and food are involved; the more complicated it is, the more likely you’ll have festering leftovers hidden in crevices.

The way you’re suposed to use it involves pressing a (slightly stiff) button to remove the tray and stalk, strapping the child into the five-point harness and replacing the tray. We tend not to bother with the harness for little babies (we found the shoulder straps awful to use, although I understand these have been improved on the current model), and until toddlerdom hits we can usually get the kid in and out without removing the tray, too. Our Night Owl, at five months, has just started joining us at the table, and can sit up without the harness.

(the chair will be safety tested with the harness in use, so copy us at your own risk — and obviously consider the nature of the child in doing so, i.e. harness up if you have a climber on your hands)

The stalk can be removed and replaced with a plastic cap (included), and the upper half of the legs can be removed to make it into a toddler chair. Cute idea but not something we really have a need for. However, once the Little Monkey was about 14 or 15 months old we realised that by changing the stalk to the cap and using just the waist harness that he could sit at the table instead of using the tray. It was a tight fit with our table, and unfortunately the height isn’t adjustable so whether or not this works for you will come down to the height of your dining table.

Cleaning — I’d say the most important criteria after safety — is a breeze with this chair. The whole coloured cover comes off and can go through the dishwasher. It’s a big awkward to get the straps through the holes, so I wouldn’t be doing it daily, but for a weekly deep clean it’s fine. The gap at the back of the stalk where the bottom of the harness attaches can be a bit of a food-trap — this is probably my biggest grizzle.

The tray is lovely and large, and because of this we’ve found that generally food only goes overboard when the laws of physics are being tested deliberately.

It’s very light, which makes it easy to move around (great for floor cleaning). I can easily lift it with one hand while carrying a child in the other. The legs splay quite far out, so it has a large footprint — so it can be a trip hazard in small spaces.

Overall we think it’s pretty awesome, especially if you’re looking for a chair to last a little baby through to toddlerdom. Have you tried this highchair? If so add your review and rating in the comments!

Awesome or Average: Awesome

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