Pantone Colours Board Book

Pantone Colours is a stunning board book that appeals to both young readers and their parents. A beautiful way of learning colours. Buy from Amazon: (affiliate link)

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One of my pet peeves with kids’ books is that sometimes their design is a bit average. I know they mean well; the story can be delightful and the illustrations fun, but then there’s a thoughtlessly chosen font, or poor balance between the illustrations and the white space. My favourite books are beautiful as well as engaging, but babies’ books are sometimes a bit overlooked.

Up until now, Sleepy Kiwi has been our only really beautiful board book, but our Night Owl’s Christmas present arrived this week, and it gets to join the podium.

The beauty of babies is that they don’t understand Christmas and couldn’t care less about presents, so I gave the book a good test run so I could report back to you guys. As soon as I’ve finished writing this review I’ll go and wrap it up and pop it under the tree. 😉

Pantone Colours Board Book
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This vibrant board book is attractive to parents and kids alike, and is a great way of introducing or reinforcing colours. A fun and useful book for 0- to 3-year-olds.

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Pantone Colours is a very simple book that features a colour (or non-colour — white, grey and black form the last page). On the left side are 20 shades and hues, and the right side features an illustration in the chosen colour.

It’s a large-ish board book, so will stand up to a fair amount of use (and abuse), and is easy to prop up for little babies to look at.

From the second I showed it to them, both my kids (ages 7 months and 2.5 years) were drawn in. Our Night Owl was attracted to the high contrast, wanted to touch (and eat) every page, and spent plenty of time drinking in all the colours and pictures. The Little Monkey made me read it to him about eight times in a single afternoon, and asked to take it to bed. The first time we read it together we just looked at the pictures, but after a few goes he was requiring me to read out the name of every shade and hue, so it got quite a bit longer. That could get old, depending on your tolerance levels, but we made a game out of reading them as fast as we could.

We have another little book dedicated to colours, but it features coloured illustrations on a contrasting coloured background, which is a bit confusing. The white background in this book, and the shades and hues on each page, help reinforce how the word relates to the colour.

And of course, I love how gorgeous it is. I am always drawn to resources that please children and adults alike, and (at least for me), this book certainly achieves that. A stunner.

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