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The Miracle Blanket purports to be an easier way to swaddle a baby and keep them snug and asleep. While it works as a swaddle, in my opinion it's trickier to use than a flat blanket or wrap would be, and doesn't seem to be any more effective. Mileage may vary but I'd recommend just buying a stretchy wrap instead.

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I’ve already mentioned that we’re still desperate for sleep, and a miracle seemed like an appealing solution.

Well, sooner or later something had to take the dubious award of being the first “average” item on the site. And I’m aware that there are plenty of parents who swear by the Miracle Blanket, so it may still be a good choice for your family — but for us it was a waste of money.

The Miracle Blanket is a stretchy wrap that has a pouch for your baby’s feet, two small flaps that tuck around the baby’s arms and under their body, and then larger flaps that wrap right around the baby to keep them snugly swaddled. Or that’s the idea.

We’ve tried a few different swaddles, since both our babies came strong in both body and will. We had moderate success with a stretchy blanket, but overnight it’d inevitably get loose at some point. For our Little Monkey we bought a couple of Mokopuna zipped swaddles — like a little cocoon — and they worked well. He was a great sleeper and happily graduated to not needing a swaddle (and still sleeping like a champ) before he outgrew them.

The Night Owl is a different story, though. She was hitting the end of the zipped suits a month ago, but was still waking often in the night. The Sleep Store (who have plenty of awesome sleep advice and who always send a chocolate or lolly with your order — so basically I trust them with my life because chocolate) strongly recommend the Miracle Blanket, and since they can be used over a sleeping bag I figured it was worth a shot.

We gave it a few tries. The only miracle we saw was a poonami that somehow made its way through the mega night nappy, through the pyjamas, through the merino sleepsack and onto the Miracle Blanket itself. There was no apparent difference in sleep duration or quality. I did have to rewrap the blanket every time I fed her, though, because she kept getting an arm out. Or two arms out. She thought it was hilarious.

I think the concept is good, and despite reading the instructions 15 times and watching a couple of videos online it is possible we were just not doing it right. But I’d challenge any parent who has barely slept for a couple of months to do better. Basically I prefer zips. I can handle zips even in a zombie state.

It also seemed pretty awkward for nappy changes – the snug part was a bit too low to have easy access for changing, so I’d end up pushing the whole lot up a bit and that would loosen it and then I’d have to rewrap anyway.

It is at least fairly reasonably priced; many products in this category are far more expensive, I guess because desperate parents are less price sensitive than your average consumer. But I’d spend the money on a nice stretchy cotton or merino blanket, given the time again. Or a larger swaddle with a zip.

As for our Night Owl – she’s still pretty average on the sleep front, but we tried her without a swaddle over the sleeping bag and the sleep didn’t get worse, so we’re rolling with that for now. If anyone discovers any real baby sleep miracles let me know!

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