Lamaze Wrist Rattles

Lamaze Wrist Rattle
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Cute and colourful, but very short lived and not well sized.

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Acquired as a gift from my lovely aunty, I was at first excited about these wrist rattles. They are bright, make interesting noises and in theory, were meant to stimulate baby into discovering her feet and hands. In practice, however, she ignored them completely, being far more interested in our faces than toys for the first two or three months. In that time, she had no trouble independently discovering her hands (and soaking her swaddleup).

Once she was finally interested in toys, I tried the wrist rattles again, only to find that they were too small for her. If only the product had longer straps and velcro bits so that they would still fit a four to five month old.

All in all, I don’t think this is worth buying, purely because it has such a short lifespan and it’s too easy to miss the window altogether.

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