Lamaze Cheery Chimes Giraffe

Lamaze Cheery Chimes Giraffe
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Bright, fun and easy to hold. A great gift for a new baby.

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We were given this rattle before baby was born and brought it out within the first month. Its short stringy legs were perfect for tiny hands and she was fairly quickly able to get them in her mouth. Husband says it would have been even better if it had arms or ‘forelegs’ because baby could only grab it if it was the right way up, but now – at six months – she can pick it up from any angle. We have enjoyed watching her learn to manipulate the rattle in lots of different ways. She still hasn’t worked out how to squeeze the stem and make it squeak, so still some fun in store!

Visually, the rattle is colourful and has plenty of things to explore for small hands and mouths. It’s big enough to be safe and none of its parts pose a choking hazard. Unlike our wooden rattle, it also doesn’t hurt when she whacks herself on the head while frantically waving the thing about.

The only criticism I’ve heard from perplexed family members is “What is it?” – A cow? A giraffe? What kind of giraffe has black and white spots? But if you can suspend disbelief, then this is one of the best rattles of its kind.

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