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Heatermate is a gadget that plugs into the wall and thermostatically controls your heater, which enables a constant room temperature to be maintained all night. It's very well suited to heating the bedrooms of young children. Although it's a bit costly for what it is, it has the potential to save you quite a bit of electricity so it may pay for itself.

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Raise your hand if you’ve worried your child might be too hot or too cold while sleeping. Okay, so that’s probably all parents. Now raise your hand if your house doesn’t have great heating and/or insulation. That’ll be most of New Zealand. This gadget won’t cure your insulation woes, and you’ll need an electric heater, but it might solve your temperature concerns.

We first learned about the Heatermate when my Little Monkey was tiny and we were paranoid we’d freeze him. Sleeping bags are great for wriggly babies, but it’s nice to know the room is a constant temperature as well, and the built-in thermostats on heaters are usually pretty unreliable.

The Heatermate allows you to set a desired temperature. When the room temperature drops more than 1 degree below that it will turn on the heater, and turn it off once it gets 1 degree above. It plugs into the wall socket, so you can position it away from the heater to allow air to circulate and prevent it from turning off too soon.

It’s reasonably simple to set up, and pressing the up and down arrows adjusts the temperature. Unfortunately this also makes it easy for curious little fingers to make adjustments, so keep that in mind. We have discouraged our Little Monkey from touching it, and most of the time his fascination with the light interrupts any meddling intentions. We do keep an eye on it just in case though!

For us, it’s done a great job of keeping the kids’ room warm. At the moment I’m still feeding the baby a couple of times a night, and unlike the rest of the house, it’s always nice and temperate in their room at 4am.

It can also be used in cooling mode, to run a fan or plug-in air conditioner. Living in Wellington we haven’t had need for that, though. It works the same way, you just change the mode to cooling and it turns on the device when it gets too hot.

For a socket-mounted device it is quite bulky, which I guess is necessary to get all the required electronics in. However, when plugged into a double socket it’s too big for anything to go into the other side. It’s not a massive niggle, but it may necessitate a multi-box, which isn’t ideal in a children’s bedroom.

At around $60 it’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than running a heater all night (and risking overheating), so I’m confident ours will have well and truly paid for itself over the past two years. All said I think it’s a great tool, and well worth the outlay if it suits your circumstances.

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