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A clever product that makes middle of the night wet beds much easier to deal with so the children and I can get more sleep. Well made high quality item. I rate this a parenting toolbox essential.

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My first review here, so I’ve chosen something we’ve found very valuable…

Brolly sheets are primarily designed for children who are no longer wearing night nappies, just as an extra back up. They are basically made of a waterproof layer, covered with a absorbant layer, and topped with a comfortable cotton layer, thicker than regular sheeting but not bulky.  They then have sheeting wings which allow them to be tucked in, so they don’t move about. The waterproof layer is soft and soundless. No crinkly hospital sheets here.

So here’s the truth, we have never put a child to bed without a nappy yet. Neither of my boys are ready for that stage, and until they are ready, that’s an uphill battle I don’t need to fight. I’m sure when we reach that stage these will be still invaluable. But we already use them every night.

I have two children and four brolly sheets. We initially bought one, thinking that it would be useful in time, and like many parents, idealistically hoping for an end to nappies. The reality is, children are gross. And I am a little lazy, but still like good hygiene. The brolly sheet helps solve both. Heavy sleepers over a long night, even in nappies with a cover, both boys occasionally leak through. One certainly had an early toddler habit of removing his nappy at nap times, with expected wet consequences. If the brolly sheet is on the bed, it’s as simple as removing the sheet and replacing with our spare back up(Or just exposing real bed sheet underneath and hoping for the best). The sheet goes straight in the washing machine, (and often then into the dryer with no ill effects after 3 years), and another brolly sheet is flung over the bed tucked in at the sides and child is back to sleep again.  Always optimistic here, but sleep is precious and often fleeting, so the faster I can get back to bed the better!

The Brolly Sheets do only cover a strip of the bed, but for babies and toddlers, that ends up being the full length of their body. Did anyone else use the baby trick of a pillow or flat old school nappy under the babies head, so that when they spit up or dribble you don’t need to change all the sheets each time? The Brolly Sheet is like that for bigger kids. So when we have a vomiting bug in the house I pull the sheet up higher so it’s completely under the boys’ heads. Usually it sits a little further down, so not visible at all on a single bed, on the days my 5 year old makes his bed properly that is…

The downside… Price, they are a little expensive. I’m pretty careful with money, not really a big spender, I think all four were bought in various sales. But to be honest, they are so well made, I’m quite happy to have paid for them.

Sizing. We have 3 singles and 1 king single. I have used the king single on our queen bed a few times when an adult was ill or a baby was sharing with us. Currently I have one boy in a single bed and one using a cot with sides off.  The single is great and generous on the cot and very easy to use on the single. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a cot pad as it doesn’t matter if more is tucked in, length of single is fine for a cot. If you were planning to put move a child to a King Single in a few years, then I’d recommend starting with this size, otherwise single is adequate for us.


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