Boon Cogs Water Gears

These fun, brightly coloured cogs are the holy grail of bath toys. Fun for kids, pretty to look at and easy to keep clean (nowhere for mold to grow on these!). Both my kids - 2.5y and 6m - love playing with these. Buy now from Amazon: (affiliate link)

Buy from Amazon (affiliate link)

I have a confession to make: I sometimes use the shower as a babysitter. My toddler just loves splashing around and playing in the bottom of it, and because it’s not over a bathtub there’s no chance he could somehow fill it with water, so he’s safe. Admittedly I still stay close (safe from harm, not safe from mess!), but anything that keeps him amused for a few more minutes in the morning buys me valuable time to get myself and the baby ready with much less stress.

So, then, toys that help prolong the fun are a worthy purchase. Bath toys are ubiquitous, perhaps because of the sheer joy that water play brings little people – but good ones are tricky to find. The most common problem I’ve seen is poor design that allows water to get trapped inside, which over a period of months permits mold to grow. Not ideal when you’re dealing with toddlers who like to drink the water! 

Boon Cogs Water Gears
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This bath toy set is simple, cost effective, fun for kids and easy to keep clean. Pretty much the holy grail of bath toys. A great gift for curious little fingers.

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I recently discovered these Boon Cogs, and I think they’re pretty brilliant. It’s a very simple concept – a series of cogs which suction on to the side of the bathtub (or shower wall). They can be moved around to your heart’s content, and there are no crevices for water to get stuck inside.

My Little Monkey (who recently turned two) loves them; he’s still a bit hit-and-miss on positioning, but enjoys turning them and is very competent at asking for adult assistance if he can’t get one quite where he wants it.

Unfortunately they don’t move smoothly when they’re all clustered closely together (too much resistance), but they can still be used as gears by little fingers with a little effort. One has grooves around it so can operate as a sort of water wheel, but this only works when it’s set apart – friction will stop it turning if it’s linked into any of the other cogs.

Cost-wise they work out pretty well. Retailing for around $20NZD (but often available for less on sale) they’re not too spendy, and if you consider that the cheaper sets of bath toys often get thrown out and replaced multiple times because they’ve grown mold inside it’s even easier to justify.

They are lots of fun in the bath or shower, and then easy to drain and store between uses. Definitely my favourite bath toy – and our little monkey is pretty happy with them too. Always nice when parent and child are on the same wavelength!


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