Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G
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Baby Monitor 3G is a very cost effective and convenient way to keep an eye on your baby from a distance. It's not 100% reliable, which is annoying but may not be a dealbreaker, especially at the very low price.

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When our Little Monkey was born we lived in a pretty compact townhouse, which meant every squawk he made was audible throughout the house and we didn’t bother getting a baby monitor. However, we moved to our current do-er upper when he was a bit shy of a year, and here the bedrooms are far enough away from the living spaces that it would be possible for a baby to ramp up to full throttle before you heard them, which isn’t ideal for anyone. So we sought out baby monitor reviews.

We like our gadgets, and don’t like having too much baby junk (where it’s possible to avoid), so when we realised baby monitor apps are a thing we were in like a shot. We have an iPad that doesn’t get used as much as it should, so that has now been relegated to the kids’ room, and we can use either of our phones to hook up to it and keep an eye on things.

Setup is pretty straightforward – you download the app, and then for each device you do have to create a new pairing. Pairing is simple – just choose the bottom left menu, select Paired Devices, Add New, then choose Parent Station on one and Baby Station on the other. After the first time the baby station can stay in the baby’s room and you just connect via the parent station.

It’s awesome if you both have smartphones and your baby ends up falling asleep in the car; you can leave one phone in the car with the baby (we’re assuming that you’re not far from the car and that weather conditions make this reasonable – please don’t leave your baby in the car on a warm day, or if it’s freezing outside) and take the other with you. Or if you’re at someone else’s house you can stick your baby down for a nap without worrying they’ll wake unheard.


That’s not sleeping!

It has video, so if the baby station is propped up with a view of your baby you can spy on them too. Much to my surprise, our Little Monkey was spending half his “naps” rocking out in his cot when we started monitoring him. He was very quiet so when we weren’t using a monitor we were oblivious, but one day I thought I’d set up the video, and chanced on party time. Very entertaining! It can also be useful on occasion, but mainly we use the video function for amusement.

The latest release has added “lullabies” which might be useful soon, but they don’t yet seem to play reliably so we’re still using white noise on another device (pro tip: a cheap radio tuned to static will do a great job of this).

It does sometimes drop out (usually for me when I receive a phone call – so audio on the phone is not available – or if the wifi signal is poor) which is annoying, but it does sound a warning so you know to reconnect. We’ve recently switched to Slingshot and are experiencing this a lot more at the moment, which we think is due to the router they provided. We need to dig out our old router and have a go at configuring it for our new ISP and see if that helps.

But despite these quibbles, at $5 per account (if you have a phone and tablet on the same account you only pay once), it’s amazing value, and super useful. We find it perfectly adequate to fill the baby-monitor shaped hole in our lives.

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Baby Monitor 3G is available from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android

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