Antics Native Birds

Antics Native Birds
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If you want a cuddly gift that's a bit more interesting than a teddy bear these are a great option. There are lots to choose from and they make sound too. They're a favourite toy in our house, and as an added bonus we're learning what our birds look and sound like.

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Stuffed toys are a popular gift, but many are a bit bland and lame. Though cuddly and cute, teddy bears can sometimes lose their appeal fairly quickly.

The Antics series of native birds are pretty cool, though. Many different species are represented and each bird makes a sound when squeezed. So far our collection includes the pukeko, brown kiwi, whio/blue duck, and Manukura the little white kiwi, as well as a kea puppet.

Our Little Monkey loves to gather them all up, feed them his food (which we try to discourage… But it is cute) and make them squawk. The names of the different birds were among his earliest words so I like to think they’re a wee bit educational as well as fun.

The squawkers can be tricky for little fingers to operate but that does help extend the battery life. On that note, we’ve had the pukeko for nearly four years, and though it’s had a lot more use in the last year or so its battery is still going strong. And (perhaps because the squawks are native bird calls?) I don’t find the noise as grating as some other noise-making toys are. Maybe I’m just being a snob but I’m calling it as I see it. 😉

They’re on the expensive side for stuffed toys, but they are pretty cool and I think worth the dollars. And their appeal isn’t limited to kids; my octogenarian grandmother is also pretty fond of them. A great gift both for giving and receiving.


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