Rosa Slack

Me & kidsI’m mum to a two-year-old and a baby, and we (plus my wonderful husband) live in a half-renovated bungalow in Wellington. I’m a foodie (and particularly love the sweet stuff) and love a good documentary. I’m fairly analytical and over-think pretty much everything.

I think that the best way to create enthusiasm for learning in our little people is to provide them with great tools. In our house, we like for everyone to enjoy the books (I mean, there’s a limit to how many times you want to read any
book, but it’s nice if they at least have a good rhythm, no plot holes and aren’t blatantly sexist/racist/classist), and prefer toys that are flexible in their use. That definitely doesn’t mean that we sneer at the stuff that doesn’t tick those boxes – but that’s what we look for when we’re the ones buying.

I’m especially passionate about equal representation. Kids identify with the characters in their media, so having characters who all kids can identify with is important to keep them engaged – and also to demonstrate inclusivity.

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Beth Sharpe

Beth and boysMy husband and I have recently moved to Darfield on the Canterbury Plains and I’m loving the change in lifestyle, living in beautiful, small town NZ. We now have an acre of land to nourish and to allow to nourish us. It’s perfect place for two small boys to grow up.

Our five-year-old AKA “The Young Engineer” loves to fill his out of school time with digging holes, building structures and reading Lego instructions. While our nearly three-year-old AKA “Action Man” is super busy just playing, climbing the fence to visit the neighbours and “helping Mum.”

As a Christian mum, I love resources that support character development in my boys. They both love story time, and also both enjoy audiobooks, which we use as a gentle calming time before bed. My personality leads me to “maximise” so I love to find resources that help me teach something in both a fun and effective way. I always have one eye open for great tools that make the tricky parts of parenting easier and I enjoy sharing these finds with friends.

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Beaulah Pragg

BeaulahMy husband and I live in Burnside, Christchurch, with our new baby girl. I’m a librarian, author and part-time graphic designer who loves to read and to teach creative writing to kids.

In my writing and my parenting, I’m especially interested in gender roles, stereotypes and representation. I like books that pose interesting questions and prompt conversation. When it comes to toys, the most important things for my husband and I are how engaging they are, how much room they provide for creativity and how long they will remain relevant. Sustainability is something we’re both thinking about on an ongoing basis, which is why many of the toys and books I review are from libraries (or bought second hand).

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